Who Said Wholemeal Bread Was Horrible?

Image of wholemeal bread and bun

Me. I did. I said wholemeal bread was horrible. And you know what? I still think it is.

Since the birth of my daughter, Tia-Lee, I have become more aware of the food I eat. Wanting to be a good māmā and establish good eating habits with my little tot, I decided to make a change in our family’s diet. Obviously we wouldn’t be cutting out all those tasty goodies and treats, but I wanted to replace something we eat almost on the daily.

What was first on the hit list you ask? You guessed it. White bread.

Having been raised on white bread for as long as I can remember, I knew I would struggle with this one. When I was younger, my Nan would put a few slices of white bread on the table at every meal. She did this because I refused to eat the wholemeal bread she had perfectly plated. I know what you’re thinking. Food is food, just eat the damn thing. But as a kid, I would have rather starved than have eaten a slice of that brown bread. Yuck!

My daughter was yet to taste the sweet fluffy goodness that is white bread. We as parents, are teachers and role models. It is our duty to give our child the best possible start to life. My goal to remove white bread in our house was established.

So why is wholemeal healthier than white? After seeking expert advice (Dr. Google), I found that the flour in white bread is more processed than that in wholemeal bread. White breads also contain added sugars which could lead to weight problems if an excessive amount is consumed. That was just the beginning to what I found. I always knew that white bread wasn’t good for you, but when you become a parent, you realise that you should use that knowledge to make better choices.

Replacing the product itself was easy. Consuming it was the hard part. Every bite I took and swallowed, also forced me to gulp down my stubbornness. But with my daughter’s smiling face a constant reminder of the choice I had made, I pushed through. Tia-Lee on the other hand, took to wholemeal bread like a champ. Then again, she had nothing to compare it to.

It’s been three weeks since our household made the change and I’m beginning to come around. Like all things, it takes time to get used to.  I admit, we will never be a sugar free family, but that one little change has done so much already for our health and wellbeing.

Watch out full cream cow’s milk. You’re next!


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