Travelling With A Baby – Tips For Flying

Image of Aeroplane Flying

In just a few short weeks, our little family will be flying to the Gold Coast to celebrate my husband’s birthday. This will be my daughter’s fourth plane trip, and she’s not even one years old! Lucky thing.

We travelled to the Gold Coast when Tia-Lee was 3 months, Bali when she was 5 months, and our recent trip to New Zealand when she was 7 months. I’m definitely no expert, but having managed to get through all three trips successfully, I wanted to share some tips and tricks that worked for us.

Seat Selection

If an aisle seat is available, I would recommend selecting this. It makes it easier for when you need to take your baby to the toilet to change their nappy. Some flights offer a bassinet option, however these are only available to children under a certain weight. These can be a lifesaver, especially for those long haul flights.

Getting Through The Airport

For smaller babies, I would recommend a baby carrier. When Tia-Lee became more alert and able to sit by herself, we invested in a Mountain Buggy Nano. This stroller compacts down to the size of a brief case and can fit in the aeroplane’s overhead compartments.


If you can, feed your baby their milk feed during take-off and landing. This will help to keep their ears from popping which can be a painful experience for anyone.

Bottle Feeding And Baby Food

Breastfeeding is obviously a lot easier if you’re travelling, but if that isn’t an option for you, you’ll be happy to hear that with a bit of planning, bottle feeding during travel is fine. You can take baby bottles filled with cooled boiled water through security as well as pre-measured amounts of powdered formula in a plastic container. Some airlines offer limited baby food choices so I would suggest to take your own. You can take homemade food or the premade packaged food. Just make sure to declare everything you are taking through and be prepared to dispose of any unused food when you arrive.

Essentials To Pack

Use a backpack as a baby bag. By putting everything in a backpack, you’re freeing up your hands/shoulders in the airport which makes a big difference if you happen to be carrying a small suitcase on the plane as well. Pack a change of clothes for your baby in a Ziploc bag. Should a “messy” situation occur, you can use the Ziplock bag to keep the dirty clothes from everything else in the baby bag. Bonjela and Panadol is a necessity. You never know when a teething episode could occur.

As you know, a baby can be unpredictable so take the trip as it comes. It’s better to be over prepared than under prepared. Arrive at the airport a little earlier and adjust to your surroundings. If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask for it. But most of all, have fun. It’s an exciting time for both parents and baby.


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