The Māmā Who Felt Like A Failure

Image of māmā holding baby feet

When my daughter was born, she weighed a whopping 4.3 kilograms. Due to her large size, the nurses were required to test her blood sugar levels just hours after she entered this world. The tests confirmed that her blood sugar levels were too low and she was admitted to the neonatal unit for observations. As … Continue reading The Māmā Who Felt Like A Failure


Delivery By C-Section

Image of Lania and her daughter

“Oh, so you a had a c-section delivery? You didn’t really give birth then. It must have been great to take the easy way out.” Hold it right there. My emergency c-section was not a matter of convenience. Nor was it a walk in the park to labour for twelve hours, without pain relief, to … Continue reading Delivery By C-Section